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Okay…. Let me set the scene for you:

Hubby and I had just returned from Costco. I purchased more to be frozen than was actually going to fit in the chest freezer in the garage, so it had to go in the smaller kitchen freezer. I open the freezer door to find water dripping from the ice bin.

-Insert expletives here-

Great. The freezer is not freezing. Better check the fridge. It’s cool, but nowhere near as cold as it should be. FANTASTIC.

Check the time. 2:30pm on Sunday. During quarantine. Okay, we probably have about 2.5 hours before everything closes. So we start speed shopping online, looking for a replacement.

In case you aren’t aware, many retailers will not sell you their floor model, and likely don’t have stock for in-store pickup same-day.

But!!! We found one. So we complete the order online and call to confirm. Hubby & Dad borrow the neighbor’s truck and head over to pick it up. Approximately 60-90 seconds before they arrive, the order is cancelled by a manager. It turns out, they only had two – the floor model, and a damaged unit. The only thing wrong with the damaged one was the piece connecting the handle to the door is broken. So the manager sold it to us for half price!

While hubby & Dad are on the way home with the new fridge, the old one starts working again. But now, we really can’t trust it, so I guess we have a beverage fridge in the garage now.

OMG, what a weekend! At least we bought more vodka at Costco….

I haven’t posted in a while, because, well, let’s face it. I’ve been a bit depressed. I want this to be a place to find humor, not a downer. So I’ll *try* to get back to that place. A few stories from the last couple of weeks…
The oldest little and I have been writing quarantine parodies. It’s actually been a lot of fun! So far, we’ve re-written:
– We are the Champions by Queen
– Freefalling by Tom Petty
– Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum
– Yesterday by The Beatles
– Clint Eastwood by The Gorillaz
The littlest little interrupts my workdays with a variety of things:
– “Mom, can I have ice cream for breakfast?” No. Absolutely not. (Even though I really did consider it just to shut her up)
– (In tears) “I spilled my milk on my picture.” Ok. What’s new? This is a daily occurrence…
– (Also in tears) “I don’t want to clean my room.” Again, what’s new? But I don’t want to see it like that anymore, so….
– “Mom. I just had a really, really, really, really big poop.” Ummmm, okay…
Hubby has been awesome. He’s really making an effort to help more, and I’m finally starting to feel like I can breathe again.
But… In case anyone is wondering, sanity cannot be found at the bottom of this particular bottle of vodka. Time to check the whiskey.

I had to run to the grocery store last night. I’ve never seen so many people wearing gloves and masks. It was kind of surreal.
We had to break the new to the Littles that our home is pretty much their entire world for the next few months. The littlest is really upset that she probably won’t be returning to daycare again. But she IS excited that the next time she has a real schedule that involves leaving the house, she will be starting kindergarten.
Now where did I put that whiskey???