Month: May 2020

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We probably did more this last weekend than we have since the beginning of lockdown. We re-arranged the furniture in 3 rooms, moved a piano from the garage to the house, and now we’re ready to paint the cabinet doors. These cabinet doors have been in-progress since July 2018, so I’ll be happy to finally have them done.

My family ordered both breakfast and dinner for me for Mother’s Day… and I even got to take a nap!

I would have liked to take my mom and mother-in-law out for a nice Mother’s Day brunch, but Coronavirus. So instead, we bought Door Dash gift cards for them. And my crazy ass mom deleted the text notification and blocked the number before I could call to make sure she received it. OMG, that woman!!

Now, where did I put that whiskey?!

Did a whole bunch of stuff around the house this weekend. The littlest little FINALLY cleaned up all her messes… but only after I threatened to come through with a trash bag and actually took one out.

A neighbor was giving away a piano, so it’s now in my garage, awaiting a permanent home in the house. Got the old fridge (now working like a champ, BTW) moved into the garage. Dad finished up a landscaping project, and I got the furniture in the loft rearranged.

The oldest little sat down at the piano and just started playing a song. I had no idea he even knew how to play. Apparently, he’s been learning on a piano app on his phone.

I asked the littlest little when she was going to put on some pants, and she responded (with the attitude only a little girl can muster) “not today.” Quarantine level: Expert.