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Well… the littles didn’t burn the house down or break anything yesterday. They DID, however, create an impressive mess… which they will be cleaning up today.
This morning, my littlest little managed to interrupt a one-hour webinar no less than five times before I finally broke down and locked her out of the room. This was after she started screech-crying because nobody had turned on any cartoons for her.
The silver lining to all this madness? My older little is learning to moderate his Top Ramen intake. There are only two packages left in the house. I told him that he is welcome to eat them for lunch any day, but that we can’t get any more, since all the stores are sold out. Haha… they aren’t! But he doesn’t need to know that…

3/18/2020 – Day Three of Quarantine

March 18, 2020 | new | No Comments

The children have been suspiciously quiet today. I should probably look for signs of life, but I’m actually getting some work done today, so I’ll probably wait to check on them. Hopefully I don’t regret this later.
Amazon actually delivered some educational materials early – maybe they’re just quietly learning downstairs? Haha, wishful thinking…
Tomorrow should be interesting. I’ll need to be available for a solid 3-hour block without interruption, so my guess is the littles are just saving it all up for that.
I actually cooked dinner in bulk for the last few days, so I don’t have to cook until the leftovers are gone. I’m sure the littles aren’t expecting to be handed the same foods they’ve already refused – eat it or starve, but momma’s not cooking anything new for a while. Ha!!! That’ll teach them. Should’ve eaten it the first time!

3/17/2020 – Day Two of Quarantine

March 17, 2020 | new | 1 Comment

Ordered educational workbooks for the littles today. One will be here in two days (thank you, Amazon Prime!!), the other is two weeks out. Argh.

Set up the 5 year old to watch a live field trip video about police officers. She got to hear all about what it’s like to be a cop, and what the inside of a cop car looks like. I hope she got a good taste of that now, because I can tell she’s the more likely one to get brought home by the cops later in life.

Looking for more whiskey….

3/16/2020 – Day One of Quarantine

March 17, 2020 | new | No Comments

I am “lucky” enough to work for a company that is allowing us to work from home during this madness, so I don’t have to worry about finances on top of everything else.

Here’s what my day looked like:

8:00am – Start work

8:30am – Littles wake up. They’re hungry. Didn’t I just feed them yesterday???

8:45am – “Mommy, are you done working yet?” “No, I just started.” “Oh. Ok.”

9:00am – “Can I watch TV?” “Sure, but be quiet while mommy’s working, ok?”

9:15am – “Are you done working NOW??” “Still no.” “Fine.” *storms off

10:00am – “I’m hungry.” (AGAIN?!?)

11:00am – “I’m bored.” *tells older child to read to the younger one

Noon – “I’m hungry.” (OMG!!!)

1:00pm – “I’m bored. Can I play on your laptop??” “Ugh. Here’s a video about giraffes. Learn something.” “OOOH I like giraffes!”

2:00pm – “Aren’t you done working yet??” “Still no.” *rolls eyes

3:00pm – “Can I watch you work?” “Sure, but I don’t know why… this is boring.”

3:05pm – “I’m bored.” “Told you so.”

3:10pm – “Can I use my play-doh?” “Only if your brother helps you get set up.”

3:12pm – “Bubba won’t help me.” “Well, then you need to find something else to do.”

3:13pm – “I don’t know what to do.” “Ugh. Here’s some educational worksheets I printed for you.” “Yay!!”

3:45pm – “I’m hungry”

Do you see why moms always look like they’ve escaped from a mental facility????

3/15/2020 – The Last Day of Freedom

March 17, 2020 | new | No Comments

Went to Fred Meyer today to buy basic stuff for dinner. Got the last package of ground beef and the last package of chicken. Still no pasta. Still no TP.

Watched a couple episodes of I, Zombie. Because why not?

OMG!! Someone posted on FB about the local Bartell’s having TP, so I jumped in the car and ran down there. They were almost out, and had a 2 per customer limit. Since I’m not an asshole, I only bought one.

3/14/2020 – Preparing for Quarantine, Part 2

March 17, 2020 | new | No Comments

Went to Costco today. Big mistake. They are out of:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Rice
  • Dry beans
  • Frozen chicken
  • Fresh chicken
  • Pasta
  • Most canned goods

But!! I have plenty of coffee & powdered creamer. At least my family won’t have to avoid an uncaffeinated freak.

3/13/2020 – Preparing for Quarantine

March 17, 2020 | new | No Comments

I had today scheduled as PTO for a “me” day. I guess that isn’t happening. Thank you, COVID-19, for ensuring that I won’t get another of those for a LONG time. Played some board games with the littles. Watched Outbreak, Bright, and some cartoons. Really want to watch I Am Legend (because virus outbreak, duh!), but I can’t find it.

Considering getting a group together to dress as zombies and roam the streets.

3/12/2020 – Impending Quarantine

March 17, 2020 | new | No Comments

We got news today that all the school districts in our area are shutting down until April 24th due to COVID-19.

To Do List:

  • Acquire educational supplies to keep the littles from brain atrophy
  • Research ways to occupy the littles
  • Go grocery shopping for essentials
  • Buy whiskey Buy LOTS of whiskey
  • Don’t forget kid friendly lunch options
  • Locate noise-cancelling headphones