3/19/2020 – Day Four: Exiled for the Good of the Realm

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Well… the littles didn’t burn the house down or break anything yesterday. They DID, however, create an impressive mess… which they will be cleaning up today.
This morning, my littlest little managed to interrupt a one-hour webinar no less than five times before I finally broke down and locked her out of the room. This was after she started screech-crying because nobody had turned on any cartoons for her.
The silver lining to all this madness? My older little is learning to moderate his Top Ramen intake. There are only two packages left in the house. I told him that he is welcome to eat them for lunch any day, but that we can’t get any more, since all the stores are sold out. Haha… they aren’t! But he doesn’t need to know that…

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I'm a working mom with 2 littles: my daughter is 5 and my son is 13. They are my whole life, but I often wonder if they will also be the death of me. We live with their dad and grandpa, and have 2 cats, 2 ferrets, and a gecko.
We're just trying to scrape by in this thing called life, and hopefully provide a few laughs in the meantime.

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