3/27/2020 – Day 12: Exiled for the Good of the Realm

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I know I’ve been MIA this week. It’s been a difficult few days. Tuesday was the first anniversary of my best friend’s death. I still don’t really know how to process it.
She would’ve told me to fake it till I make it. So that’s what I guess I have to do now.
The littles are being fairly good – I think they know mommy’s having a rough time. Got my older one registered for High School. Already. It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital. I find it difficult to reconcile this 13 year old with my little boy. I’m just glad he still finds fun in being silly with his momma. Yesterday, he ran into my home office, saying the toilet was smoking. “What?!?” “The toilet is smoking, mom, you have to hurry!” So I run into the bathroom to find this:
OMG. I’ve created a monster.

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about author


I'm a working mom with 2 littles: my daughter is 5 and my son is 13. They are my whole life, but I often wonder if they will also be the death of me. We live with their dad and grandpa, and have 2 cats, 2 ferrets, and a gecko.
We're just trying to scrape by in this thing called life, and hopefully provide a few laughs in the meantime.

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  1. Sylvia

    Omg! That is hilarious! Gotta love that boy!

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